Monday, November 18, 2013

A normal week

Our thoughts have been with Aljazeera Joel this week and the survivors of typhoon Haiyan whose hellish plight he's been covering in the Philippines. 

But for us, our past week in Canberra has been reassuringly normal:

Lunch and playtime with (Demolition Derby) Abi on Thursday......

Some progress AT LAST on the paving job  we did the prep for over two months ago! Lucky Brett the paver is worth waiting for!........

Spending up big at Ella's school's very successful Twilight Fair on Friday evening....face painted, nails done, games and rides partaken of......

Ella and I entered the Cake Off/Bake Off with a batch of carrot, pineapple and pecan cupcakes (with orange cream frosting) and an orange cake (which we made together on Thursday after school). Ella and I thought her cupcakes were the best ever, in the style of the retro, restrained aesthetic of London's Primrose Bakery. However the winning cupcakes were very tiny and very impressively decorated - very good to look at but maybe not to eat (?) 

We bought all Ella's beautiful cupcakes back from the cake stall. She thought they tasted heavenly, especially eaten with one hand while swinging on the monkey bars.

On Saturday night we headed out to Murrumbateman for a post India trip get together, having some fun in the process getting dressed for the occasion!  On the night I voted Jennie's best female outfit and Jurgen's, best male (despite strong competition from Wayne's turban).

I took pictures of Sophie like this in India - but on this occasion the food she's eating is a lot more familiar (while still being Indian inspired)!

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