Monday, December 2, 2013

Little miracles

The first of December is a day to celebrate Maxie's birthday and get some serious family Christmas planning underway.

It's also an opportunity to celebrate the miraculous recovery of Granny K - broken leg, operated on, pinned and plated three months ago at age 99 - and look at her now WALKING into our favourite Sculpture Gardens of the National Gallery of Australia!

A gorgeous afternoon, summer warm.........everyone just stopping everything for few hours to enjoy each other's company, a few glasses(!) of Majella and some yummy picnic food including gluten free and dairy free birthday cake.

The big kids tried to find the hole they dug to China this time last year, in front of the Bert Flugelman sculpture (especially poignant as Bert died this year at 90 years of age).

Abi was attracted to the water feature, of course.

It's always a party when Ella and Angus are together.

 And what better place is there to strike a pose amongst the Rodins!

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Roslyn Lawrence said...

Fabulous photos Jude of the kids big and little. Loved the photo of mum isn't she amazing. xx