Sunday, November 3, 2013

Girls recover

Both of the girls have picked up a variation of my Indian bug - but luckily, nowhere near as debilitating as mine was. They have runny noses and bad coughs, but no fevers and obviously their energy levels are a lot higher than mine were. And, unlike me when I was in the midst of my misery, they both still look the picture of good health.

Abi, Jody and Ella had a lovely long lunch with us on Friday - giving Ella a day away from school to give her sore throat a rest.

Abi is a bit of a Grandpa's girl at the moment. She keeps him very busy - and on quite a tight lead! She helped him liberate an enormous Huntsman spider from our hallway into the bush over the road.........fascinating!

Into the third week back from India, I started part time work again and we went out socializing this weekend (a friend's birthday party), and we even squeezed in a few hours gardening too. The garden's gone Spring time crazy, but starting to suffer too from all the dry winds over the last few weeks.

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Claire Primrose said...

love love love these photos - find it hard to believe the girls we unwell when they both looked so rosey..