Sunday, October 20, 2013


While Rob and I fought off a return flight BAD BUG the rest of the family did what they could to cheer us up. Ros and Pete were visiting for a few days - excellent timing to help Granny K celebrate her discharge from Canberra Hospital (after her marathon 9 week stay there while her fractured leg was mending). Maxie and Rod hosted a very happy and delicious dinner last night at their house.

The kids were delighted to see each other. They played very co-operatively all evening with minimal watching from any adults and Angus and Ella were sweet enough to co-operate for this shot to mark the occasion (thanks for this Ros!).

 ......but you have to be quick!.....

Check out the stack of meringues on the glass stand on the dining table (Ros is keeping guard)!

Abi was her usual happy self especially when she had so many adults around to lift her to food selecting height when the urge struck her.

Angus introduced us all to Albert Einstein - his beloved new pet guinea pig. I think Abi was the most excited to see it (much to A's consternation). In the shot below she was "telling" us all about his tiny little ears.  It is amazing what Abi is able to communicate with all her gestures and head shakes and nods. The five words I hear her use most at the moment: Mumma, Dadda, Gampa, dodow (dog) and babow (her word for everything else) are really all that a girls needs when everyone can understand what you want to tell them anyway!

Even Eddie put in an appearance last night, all the way from Hackney London via Skype. Abi was very entranced with him, finding his singing abilities very advanced and his Big Ben toy very interesting! Just imagine how impressed she'd be if she met him face to face!

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