Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arts rich

We ended off an arts rich week - attending another  brilliant opening at Form Gallery on Tuesday and a magic performance by Bangarra Dance Company on Thursday - with a long leisurely lunch today at the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden Restaurant.  My birthday's coming around again, so it was another good excuse to celebrate our rich life.

Ella decided early she liked the venue and seemed pleased with my latest sewing efforts (sunhat with special provision for a pony tail!) 

The Japanese fog sculpture started up at 12.30pm - perfect for exploring while we waited for our first course (duck liver parfait for me - yum!)

In between first and second course Ella and I had time to enjoy the lush grassy mounds of the main garden fronting the lake - looking absolutely gorgeous this afternoon with its avenue of Manchurian Pear trees in full bloom, all along the lake's edge.

Abi was very happy throughout our long lunch, having little milk and solid snacks, socialising with us and enjoying her little walks into the various magical spaces of the sculpture garden.

As the shadows lengthened and we'd had our fill of chocolate tart and pistachio icecream, the ducks came in for their afternoon snacks.

But Abi wasn't ready to call this lunch over...

Josh has commissioned a large public art work on the western wall of Auto Torque at Phillip. It's such an exciting addition to this industrial precinct, and his expanding business. The art work's been finished for a few months now but it's been hard to get a good shot of it (until today) because there are usually too many cars and too much traffic around it during the week (and on Saturdays).

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