Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring in Sydney

You know it's Spring in Sydney when
  • It's back to business on the beach - lifeguards on training swims, out in boats and the safety flags are fluttering
  • The beach volleyball courts are pegged out and fit looking players are getting warmed up, ready for the season ahead
  • The light has changed - turning the ocean more emerald than sapphire
  • Gordon's Bay on a Sunday morning is abuzz with teams of divers, fishermen, the usual runners and walkers, and a cheerful crew of volunteer locals clearing remnant exotic plants
  • Every second person is wearing fluoro trainers or sandals
  • The native plants in the community garden at the top of Carrington Road are in full fragrant flower
  • The papaws growing on the tree at the back of our block look about ready for a green papaya salad - and that fig tree on Coogee Bay Road is sprouting vigorously.
  • David Jones (the Elizabeth Street store) is ablaze with wondrous arrangements of cherry blossoms, thousands of multicoloured orchids, walls of roses, festoons of opulent lilies and big bursts of sunshine yellow gelsemium. The ground floor is filled with smiling people, taking photos, admiring, sharing the joy of all this retail exuberance (unexpected when spending is at somewhat gloomy levels)

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