Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stromlo Forest Park

Thank you Jack and William for the link to the new cycling facilities opening up at Stromlo Forest Park.  Nine years on from being completely devastated by the January 2003 firestorm an exciting new park is emerging for keen Canberra cyclists and runners.

We took Ella for a very late afternoon ride this week. She quickly tired of the little track around the play area, opting instead for a complete circuit of the 2 kilometre big person's track.

She gave Stromlo Forest Park a mark of 1100 out of 10!!

BTW we were amazed to hear her reading (unprompted) "Cotter" (Road) from one of the roadsigns leading to the park

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Jack and William's Mum said...

Ella has a very cool bike so I'm glad we were able to give you the tip. Did you see the post on Chairman and Yip? That place was wonderful. My neighbour sent me a book on how to get rid of the training wheels in 24 hours. I'm happy to send it to you (I have an electronic copy) if you send me your email for when she is ready.