Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's been five years since I started this blog, a week or so before Ella was born in 2007. Whers's all that time gone?

This week was not an easy one for everyone in the family. Granny K is struggling with her broken wrist and reduced mobility and little E has not had an easy time either being away from her darling Mummy and baby Abi.

All is well though when we can share some time together especially when fifth birthday planning is high on the agenda. Abi is taking much more notice now of everything happening around her and is a lot more communicative.

Abi and Ella continue to adore each other and the shared room trial is now a permanent arrangement.

The difficult week ended well with a lively gathering at our place on Saturday to celebrate a visit from Melbourne Erin and John, and gorgeous baby Liliana.

The presence of five cousins saw the  backyard tree house/climber put to good use, in between bouts of ball throwing and carrot cake eating.

The two baby girls (both of them around 13 weeks old now) remained calmly oblivious to all the mayhem. Liliana Rose looked like she was taking the noisy Canberra branch of the family in her stride.

Luckily Abi has grown used to big sister's attention and extreme "close ups".  They are extremely tactile towards each other and shared a lot of laugh out louds on Saturday afternoon.

Lucky Granny K got to see and have hugs with five of her six beautiful great children on this Mother's Day weekend.  That was the best gift of all. Thank you John and Erin and Liliana for making that possible.

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