Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer days

We've done the Coogee changeover with J & J & E, having caught up with them on New Year's Day for lunch at our favourite Cabramatta Vietnamese restaurant, Thanh Binh.

Ella rated her week in Sydney as 100/10 with the highlights being her day at Luna Park and the time spent at Coogee Beach. It was also clear that in the past week she increased her love affair with Coogee's Gelatissimo and her New Year's Eve fish and chips meal at the beach seemed to be highly rated too. She told me all this over lunch.

Ella was also able to advise me on the functions of my new very much smarter phone. She shot this nanosecond long segment of a video clip to explain to me how this function works on my phone (all new to me). Ella is the proud owner of a Christmas iPod so knows all this stuff backwards already. J & J said Ella made a video of them cleaning the apartment with her iPod the morning they left. They had to check through all the footage in case there was anything incriminating. I'm still at the level of trying to build my new contacts list on my sad.

Coogee is very crowded, today being a public holiday. We were glad we didn't have to use the car. It was an absolutely perfect Sydney day: 26oC and a cool sea breeze all day. We went for a long walk along the headland and spent ages after reading in the shade of a tree....a really lazy day. We just snacked on what we could find in the apartment today; every cafe, eatery, checkout and movie theatre has a queue, all the buses to and from the beach are full and the roads are clogged with traffic. Things should start getting back to normal tomorrow.

All these photos were taken with my iPhone, then downloaded to the Macbook, then uploaded to the blog (how good is that?).

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