Sunday, January 29, 2012

I can sitted on teh compooteh

We were amused to find Big Bob sitting on the laptop last night. Rob reckons he was looking for his picture on Purple fig. He seemed to be finding Purple fig rather soporific going by the look on his face.

Not a lot to report on Langkawi today - breakfast provided to each villa, eaten at a time of our choosing, on the verandah - three hours lazing by (and in) the pool having cool drinks brought to us - 2 minute taxi drive to Pentai Cenang for a very late, very long lunch at Jimmy's Padi Cafe (Indian/Malay) - eyes tested and frames chosen for new reading glasses from Pentai Cenang upmarket optician (yes I have lost ANOTHER pair of reading glasses) - taxi back to Bon Ton and time for a beer on the verandah as rain starts falling (no sunset tonight). Big Bob has not left our villa all day. He really likes us a lot.

This was the view from Jimmy's Padi Cafe. Because we ate at such a weird hour (3.30pm) the restaurant was empty except for us so it was good fun keeping tabs on the water buffalo, the bird life and the astounding monitor lizard we had a few sightings of in the padi.

We enjoyed another wonderful meal : samosas, chicken rendang, a beef "salad" and super flavoursome hand made icecream. Yellow watermelons are also in season on Langkawi; a first for us.

We've discussed at length how Langkawi differs from (Ubud) Bali - far less crowded, far less developed, better infrastructure, higher standard of living. The food is just as beautiful in Malaysia (it's amazingly good) BUT it is no where near as beautiful. In Bali even the rice paddies look like they were designed by a landscape architect and the simplest village buildings are built with great artistry. We're lucky to have the chance to compare!

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