Saturday, January 7, 2012

40 years ago today

40 years ago today Rob and I got married. We only look like we were about 16 in this photo but we were actually a couple of years older than that. Me and my two sisters had dark hair then (all natural) but mine has turned blonde as I've matured!! Rob's hair was longer and floppier then but he has just as much hair coverage now as he did then, lucky man.

Those hats and the cotton voile dresses were a bit of a tribute to the hippie times. My sister's dresses were made out of a Zandra Rhodes printed fabric featuring purple and brown feather and stripe motifs. Like Wow Man.

It was a perfect excuse for a celebratory breakfast and family get together after all our independent travels in the past few weeks. Ella enjoyed opening her belated Xmas present from London Eddie. She has always loved Russian dolls and never had one of her own before, but now she does thank you Eddie!

She's always liked baby dolls too, but never been encouraged to get too clucky over them........all girls need to aspire to a whole range of roles after all. With new baby sister's arrival drawing closer though it seems that Polly the Dolly is becoming a more constant playmate.

The three kids were so excited to be back together again after their holidays apart.

We used it as an excuse to celebrate Rob's birthday which is coming up in the next week and drink a toast to the longevity of our marriage with a glass of Majella (which is appropriately ruby coloured for this ruby anniversary).

Today's was a lengthy, laid back gathering lasting well into the afternoon. Everyone seemed happy not doing much but eating, chatting, playing games with the kids, making and flying paper aeroplanes................

and playing down and dirty games of backyard Volleyball. This got quite serious at some stages as Ollie and his "Parps" are both very competitive when they play any kind of sport.

In 1972 Rob and I:

  • Got married on Saturday 8 January at the Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Ipswich Road, Annerley Brisbane

  • Spent our honeymoon at Port Macquarie

  • Lived in a flat at 27 Wambool Street, Bulimba from January – Easter 1972

  • Jude got her driving licence in Brisbane

  • Moved to Canberra at Easter with all our possessions in our VW Beetle

  • Stayed for a nice long time at the Brassey Hostel in Barton on our arrival in Canberra

  • Rob worked for the Commonwealth Audit Office in Canberra

  • Jude got a job at Georges Fabric Store (where Ken Cook is now at Bailey’s Corner) until a Public Service job came up in the Department of Navy later in the year

  • Rented a 2 bedroom flat at Endeavour Gardens, Launceston Street Lyons when we had to move out of Brassey Hostel

  • Both turned 21, allowing us to vote for the first time in the historic election in early December when the Australian Labor Party defeated the Liberal/ Country Coalition which had been in power for 23 years. Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister of Australia ending conscription and introducing universal health care, fee free tertiary education and legal aid, and ordered home all the remaining Australian troops in Vietnam. Such exciting times!

But look how far we've come now in the short space of 40 years!

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