Saturday, April 14, 2018

Vous etes belles

We would enjoy watching paint dry as long as our beautiful grand-daughters were involved. So you can imagine our joy when we were invited to join in some of their after school craft and homework fun a week or so back.  The girls aren't watching any TV at all during the week now and they seem even more calm and focussed than usual.
 I was instructed on how to make one of these paper constructions too!
 Left handed Abi is a whiz with right handed scissors.

Ella is really into teaching Grandpa how to do some coding on her beloved Chromebook (after clarinet practice).
Talking of beauties.... we've just got back from a few days in Coogee .... enjoying some very late Summer weather and these beautiful coast views (that's Gordon's Bay below)
We've started the process of putting the Coogee apartment on the rental market for a while - hoping we can eventually finance a few renovations to the place (bathroom, kitchen etc). We had a few sad moments as we handed over the keys - we're going to miss this beauty (but only for a while!).  You can see how pretty the apartment looks (unrenovated with its original "charming Art Deco bathroom") here.

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