Tuesday, April 24, 2018


We've had a couple of days with Ella and Abi this holiday, beautiful sunny, warm Autumn days in Canberra, perfect for enjoying life here in inner Canberra......

Last week we walked into Civic with the girls, picking up bucket loads of acorns along the way from the grand old oak trees lining the streets of Reid. Our goal was the annual ride the girls enjoy on the old Carousel in Petrie Plaza. Abi loves this merry-go-round!

We did a bit of shopping after at Ella and  Abi's favourite beauty bar (Lush!).
Today we stayed around the apartment.... ages and ages doing crafty things - and eventually a bit of free form face painting....

 Then ages and ages in our beautiful Hassett Park, playing soccer, talking to the resident dogs of the neighbourhood and climbing trees.

 Ella even gave Rob's bike a workout in the basement carpark. She is getting so tall now it's no longer too much of a stretch for her to work the pedals on his big bike. She is a bit of a speed freak! 

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