Sunday, April 1, 2018

Turning 21

Turning 21 is not quite the milestone it used to be, but it's still a great excuse for celebrating being a proper "grown up" at last - especially when the grown up is as special as our young Maddie L.
We've known this gorgeous young woman all of her 21 years (and Sophie all her nineteen years) and her Mum Judy and Dad Jurgen, even longer than that.
The family birthday dinner was at Belluchi's last night. Phoebe and Thomas drove down from Sydney for the occasion. 
Cutting the cake (made by Maddie as part of a family effort) was celebrated after, at home.  The Dad speech is always a lovely part of big "grown up" birthday celebrations. Jurgen's are always very dignified and loving....... as you would expect.

We've been very lucky to be included in lots of big occasions in Maddie's life, and watched your grow and evolve into the smart, funny, spirited individual we all know and love today.
 And she's a great cake maker too!
 Just so you can see what 21 years looks like .......this is Maddie with big brother Thomas way back in 1997.
 I took the pic below of Maddie and Thomas in early 2000 at the vineyard dam at Murrumbateman.
 Sweet Maddie aged 5 and a half ..........
 Maddie and the family spent a term at school in SW France in 2005. We stayed with them for a week and saw a lot of that beautiful part of France with them .....
 Maddie, aged 9 in 2006 at Rosedale.
 And a year later aged 10.....
 Maddie aged 15, with Maggie the Jack Russell.
 Aged 16 and all dressed up for the Year 10 Formal.
 Sweet seventeen .....
 .... and aged 18 at Kirra Beach, Queensland.
 And aged 20 at Christmas drinks at the Hyatt.
Here's to many more happy birthdays Maddie and thank you for including us in so many good times over the past 21 years.

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Judy said...

Thankyou Auntie Jude for being the family photographer and making us always shine in your photo's. We are so lucky to have you and Bob in our lives. Definitely the best thing that came out of working at the ANAO.