Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another lobster lunch

While our Canberra was deluged with a month's worth of rain in a little over an hour yesterday, we headed south, over Clyde Mountain, to beautiful (and rain soaked) Rosedale for our annual lobster lunch .......

This is what a lot of (North) Canberra looked like yesterday not long after we left .....
 .. but beautiful, fresh, in season, South Coast lobsters (Finer Foods Bateman's Bay) wait for no man (or woman) ..... (Thank you for the pic Judy L)
We were on our own again this year (the 12th year of lobster lunches we think! see here, here, here, here, here, #here, here, here, and here) - our "Slick" caterers Jane and Louise have closed their gourmet business and nothing will persuade them to do it all again for us... sigh!
Fiona and James made the trek from Melbourne for this. They were in charge of first course oysters (Bernie's at Bateman's Bay).
 We had to set up inside the beach house this year, due to the rain. Jennie and Wayne are missing this year (the siren call of the crows in the vineyard) and it's not the same without them!
 Maxie's grilled peach salad was devine (Love Yotam!!), a perfect pairing with the lobster (best ever lobster we think) ....(Thank you for the pic Fiona)

 And another Yotam O. salad: "Tomato Party"
 It was this special lady's birthday today - how lucky we were to share it with her. Judy's spectacular surprise dessert inspired us all - the deconstructed Bombe with mango and passionfruit!!
 Thankfully the parrots were prepared to brave the showers and front up for their feed after our lunch was done (but not the kookaburras today).....

Thank you Judy and Jurgen for hosting these wonderful lobster lunches - you've been doing this at least 12 years for us, inspiring us to appreciate food and friendship and your very special Rosedale location to a whole new level...... always unforgettable!

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