Saturday, February 10, 2018

Walking the fort - Galle

There's not much to do in Galle Fort other than go walking, take pictures and SHOP. So being the good tourists we are that's basically what we did this morning.

These pics are of our hotel - the adjoining villa where our rooms are ....
 .. and the reception area of the main part of our hotel, The Fort Printers ........
 After a bit of jewellery shopping at the venerable Ibrahim's on Church Street we set out walking .... past the Dutch Reformed (Groot Kerk) Church (1755), 
and then through a passage opening in the fort wall, past the famous Galle International Cricket Ground where the busy, bustling real city of Galle starts ...
 There are fish markets spread along the edge of Galle Harbour ......

 We re-enter the fort by the old gate.

 The fort area is really very photogenic when you look past all the shops and nicnackery for tourists.

 We are all feeling the heat here. The fort walls seem to block the sea breezes and the dark grey cobbled streets absorb all the heat from the sun. It's humid too.

We managed to find a lovely spot for lunch - A Minute by Tuk Tuk, upstairs in the converted Dutch Hospital building facing out to sea (with lovely sea breezes) near the Aurora Bastion. I was game enough to try my first salad in Sri Lanka (not advisable usually in Asia) - so nice! 

Only thing missing (tragically) was a glass of beer. Today is election day in Sri Lanka and alcohol is banned on election days!!!!!

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