Saturday, March 3, 2018

Abi is 6

Abi had a very extended birthday celebration this year (the best kind). She celebrated with 13 of her very best friends at Inflatable World last weekend and then with a family "do" today.
 She lost her other front tooth yesterday (finally) just in time for a cute, but toothless birthday smile!

 Ella is the family cake maker these days. This beauty was gf and had yummy lemon buttercream icing - cooked in Granny K's Bundt tin - very fancy - and moist and delicious!
 This pic below was of Ella around about her 6th birthday - with front teeth well on their way!
During the week we headed out to Murrumbateman for sunset in the vineyard.
 Jennie and Wayne's vineyard was hit by a devastating hailstorm early this year - at just the wrong time in the growing cycle. The majority of the crop this year is damaged. They are trying to keep the birds scared off what remains before picking next week.
 Like farmers everywhere they take the good with the bad and remain strong!

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