Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bush capital

On the first official day of Spring we had a lunch date with friends in Canberra. Our hosts, Bob and Lindy live with their alpacas, and various members of their extended family at Pialligo, Canberra's only rural suburb.
Bob and Lindy keep their alpacas as pets these days. They're a well known and loved marker on Beltana Road for cars on their way to the Pialligo plant nurseries and apple orchards.

It was a special occasion because Bob and Lindy were unveiling their newly renovated chicken shed.......
 Lindy's family have owned the property since the 1950s, but prior to that the property was heavily into egg production for the rapidly growing bush capital. Their shed showcases one of the original chicken feed mixers (as well as some beautiful timber roof trusses and rustic timber flooring).

The property is a 5 minute walk from Canberra's beautiful new international airport and a bare 10 minute drive from where we live in Campbell - our bush capital indeed!

it's been almost a decade now since we were doing our bit as principals of Canberra schools and while we've all been busy doing other things since then we still catch up regularly over lunch and a glass of wine. But Bob and Lindy's lunch in celebration of the chicken shed has been a real highlight.

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