Monday, September 18, 2017

Coogee notes

Just a few random notes from our stay in Sydney over the weekend.........

We love the Korean - Japanese food at Fujiyama (it's always our first meal stop on arrival in Coogee).
...... and now there's Andersen's ice cream right next door... perfect for dessert.
Australia is in the grip of a most ridiculous survey process that may or may not result in our country finally achieving marriage equality. The eastern suburbs of Sydney - home of Mardi Gras - comprise the heartland of our country's YES voters. So what was this skywriter doing spreading Vote NO over the skies of the eastern beaches yesterday morning???  (biggest waste of money ever) 

Spring has sprung in Sydney too - you never see pointsettias like this growing outdoors in Canberra.
And the new Lifeguard headquarters and change rooms at Coogee Beach are finally finished and open for business.
The beach looked gorgeous yesterday but the water was only 16.8oC so not many people were in swimming.
And we are wondering if the Sth Korean branch may be staying in an apartment in this building in January?? (please confirm Joel!)

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