Sunday, August 27, 2017

This is Spring

There's a hint of Spring in the air and I am looking at the old gardens of Reid with a bit of envy these days on our (almost) daily walk to the shops in Civic.

Now we have no garden of our own I miss the late winter burst of hellebores under our big Claret Ash in the front garden, the big showy Camellia Japonicas and all our blossom trees. So I really enjoy seeing so many familiar flowers in the old gardens around where we live now.

 ........including the common old Prunus Nigra....
We love our regular walks around the lake too - not the whole lake of course - just the Kings Ave Bridge to Commonwealth Bridge bit (about 5.5klms we reckon).

Now this rather spectacular underpass (Bowen Place Crossing) has been constructed we can do the bridge to bridge walk without crossing any roads. The only scary things we have to watch out for are crazy black swans, mad cyclists and (usually well behaved) Segway riders. 
Spring is busting out all around the lake too....... including the wattles (sunshine in a bottle).......
 .. and the hardy Hardenbergia - which makes a lovely flavoured tea too I have discovered!
I miss the Manchurian Pear tree blossoms on our nature strip in Mawson..... but hey it's not like I can't enjoy these beautiful trees growing all around me now!
This tree was full of beautiful red-rumped parrots (grass parrots) feasting off the blossoms....
But Spring in the air also means erratic weather here in Canberra: 17oC and beautiful one day and 12oC and cold and windy the next. By the time we got back from our lake walk yesterday the skies over ASIO headquarters were looking just as forbidding as the building does.  It rained all afternoon and even started to snow (briefly) on our Mt Ainslie in full view of our living room windows. ..... so Spring is maybe not quite here yet....
But still great weather for celebrating Jody's birthday with another wonderful feast at Happy's in Civic, a family favourite of ours - and surely one of Canberra's oldest restaurants (established by Gavin's grandfather in 1962!!). Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!

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