Sunday, August 27, 2017

More on Art

Thanks to some exceptionally talented people in our family (and who they know) we've had two wonderful Arts experiences this week.

The first was a visit to this most amazing house - still under construction - on a country estate not far out of Canberra (only 10 minutes drive from M & R's). Maxie is standing next to a small bridge to the adjacent wheelhouse on the lake. The waterwheel creates the energy used in powering the spit roaster taking pride of place in the wheelhouse!
 The house is built over a lake! 

 With stunning, north facing lake views from every room in the house.
Claire has been working on a special commission to create large scale landscape paintings behind toughened glass panels that will line the enormous double shower wall in the master bathroom of this amazing house. She's completed the painting now and the first of the glass panels is ready to be placed in position. It's absolutely stunning (although very hard to get a good pic in this intense light and shade)!!

And then, on Friday Claire arranged a lunchtime visit from the Gundaroo based artist John Forrester-Clack, who brought a collection of his drawings for our viewing delight. John is best known for his portraits of the human head - and was a finalist in the prestigious Dobell drawing prize in 2011 and 2012.

We enjoyed lunch with John very much, talking about growing up in Wales, studying in London and life as an artist in the Canberra region. Of course we could not resist purchasing some works (with great generosity by M &R)! 

I think that John's work, like Claire's, is amazing. Like all artists they deserve greater recognition and a much easier pathway in life than they currently have - Artists, writers and musicians give so much richness to our lives but so many don't enjoy a materially rich life in return unfortunately.

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