Monday, April 13, 2015

Wineglass Bay/Hazards Beach walk

We embarked on an 11 klm walk today, starting at Parsons Cove in the beautiful Freycinet National Park. We climbed for a good half hour or so on a very aesthetically pleasing granite paved bush track...

until we reached the remarkable Wineglass Bay lookout, on the saddle between Mt Amos and Mt Mayson.

From the lookout we continued downhill to beautiful Wineglass of Tassie's most photographed wild beaches.

We continued walking, turning right from the bay, across the isthmus, towards Hazards Beach.  It was nice flat walking here in amongst sandy scrubland. There's often good birdlife sightings here, but not today....... although I liked these banksia flowers looking their best amongst some charred old tree trunks.

 As we descended to Hazards Beach.........
..........we were struck by the 5 - 6 metre high dune middens circling the beach spilling thousands of years worth of abalone and scallop shell layers wherever the waves and the wind had exposed them. The Aboriginal communities living around here (until they were rounded up and murdered in the colony's early days) must have lived a wonderful life in this bountiful environment.
While Wineglass Bay is especially beautiful from above, Hazards Beach is beautiful at eye level.

Hazards Beach joins another track that follows the coastline around the base of Mt Mayson, continuing for around 6 klms, under beautiful warm sunny skies, until we got back to where we started.

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