Sunday, April 5, 2015


Rob started his Easter Saturday with a bike ride around the lake with our favourite eight year old boy and ten year year old boy.....

One and a half hours and 14.5 kilometres later it was time for lunch in this cute little park on the Kingston Foreshore. It's always a challenge to fill these boys up no matter what time of the day it is!

The boys find my photographic efforts very boring. They're only interested in special effects, ironic narrative and visual puns when there is a camera involved. Ollie showed me heaps of new tricks to play on my iPhone 6 - and he doesn't even know those phones very well! Gorgeous, clever boys!

Saturday was also Maddie's 18th birthday - at long last!
18th birthdays are so full of promise - but they can also be problematic especially when parties and P plates are involved and newly acquired legal access to alcohol. I am very pleased to report that Maddie and the family survived "the party" (on Thursday night); the P plate is still intact and everyone turned up sober for her family celebration at the Hyatt Hotel on Saturday night.

Luckily for Maddie this otherwise quiet, celebratory meal at the Hyatt Hotel could be enlivened with a serve of her choice of cocktail - a Cosmopolitan of course!! Here's to you Maddie!

Maddie probably would have preferred to be kicking her heels up at one of the Civic nightclubs with her party lovin friends - but I thought she coped pretty well with being stuck with us on this first night of her new life as an eighteen year old.

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Claire Primrose said...

gorgeous photos Judy. Ollie and Angus are very lucky to have you and Rob in their lives xx