Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Grannie, G-G

We farewelled Rob's Mum on Sunday after a three week stay with us in Canberra. We knew it would be too hard to cope with the crowds by the lake at Enlighten so we drove her up to Mt Ainslie lookout on her last night to experience one of Canberra's awesome sunsets in full panovision.

And I must say it was truly awesome, by any definition!

 ..and as it turned out we could even experience a bit of Enlighten, from a great distance, looking south towards new Parliament House.

On our last morning together the young ones joined us for breakfast at the Hyatt - an established tradition by now. Bobbie is looking forward to another two great grandchildren arriving this year, a baby boy and girl and we're all in awe of her continuing productivity producing beautiful knitted things for all her expanding family!

Despite their physical challenges our elderly Mums are quite something!

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Roslyn Lawrence said...

Enjoyed the enlighten photos Jude but you could have edited out the mad abott.
Having 2 great grandmothers in the family is pretty amazing isn't it? xx