Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ode to light

It's a Canberra thing. There's a lot of us out there determined to enjoy everything our city offers (usually at the same place and the same time). So much so that this year's Enlighten festival and Night Noodle Market have been attracting the kind of crowds you'd see in Melbourne and Sydney (which are 10 times the size of Canberra!) festivals.

We went last night and found the queues for food to be quite OK (unlike at the weekend) - and enough space around to be able to eat picnic style without feeling too hemmed in by the crowd.

It was all great fun, in a perfect lakeside setting, but not a great foodie experience......was our verdict!

The architectural light projections on Canberra's national buildings are always fun to see....

 ..although I did think this year's light shows were more minimal than previous years......perhaps another austerity measure for our own good!

I did wonder how they chose the prime ministers' portraits for this light sequence on old Parliament House (or more importantly how did they decide who to leave off?). Kevin Rudd was a notable omission on the Labor side of the light show..and yet there was Julia Gillard, Gough, Hawkey and Keating!!

Despite my anti blue side bias my exposures turned out much better than in my red side shots!

I enjoyed this projection of Manly Beach SLSC members circa the 1930s on the National Library facade.

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