Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sweet three

Abi is three! She's had three days of happy birthday fun culminating in the sweetest little celebration you could possibly wish for today.

My job was to create a puppy dog cake (Abi's choice)?? With a bit of help from Grandpa this is what I came up with..........

The party started with some new headbands to unwrap (and try on), a good size stash of kinetic sand, some new books......

 ..and this parcel from me......
It was at this point that Abi says VERY CLEARLY to everyone ...this doesn't look very interesting!!  Oh dear.......

..although the shiny orange ribbon belt tie did look like it had some possibilities.

With presents done it was time for Joshy to watch over the meat roasting and for the girls to watch over him.

Abi had a her little Playschool friend over for the celebration....about the right number of guests for a very sweet three year old party I think!

 These kids really love their Daddy's roast dinners (as does the friend).

Can you believe the amount of food on their plates? AND it all gets eaten. Abi likes to finish hers and then sit on Grandpa's lap and eat whatever she can steal from his plate too. Ella reckons Abi eats like "Henry the 8th". (something she's learnt about from "Horrible Histories")

 Plenty of time after for play in the back yard and no need for party games!

We finished off with birthday cake (as you do) - and the puppy dog cupcakes proved to be a big hit too!


Malcolm said...

Lovely. Bet the cakes were "woofed" down.

Roslyn Lawrence said...

So cute Judy,loved the puppy cakes. Indeed sweet 3. Ros