Sunday, February 15, 2015

Canberra love

Rob's Mum is staying with us for a few weeks so it was perfect timing this weekend for a visit from the Sydney branch of the P family, giving them a chance to see their Gran / G-G and enjoy some play time with the second cousins.

The two A's are not too far apart in age and share the same interest in sand (digging and spreading).

although Sydney A's interest in taking charge of wheeled objects far exceeds that of Abi's.

 Z and Ella were keen to relive the crazy times they shared at M & M's wedding last May - but without the DJ and the party atmosphere it proved hard to reach (quite) the same heights of madness.

It was a great visit. We spent a lot of the afternoon enjoying a very relaxed lunch as gentle rain showered down around us as we sheltered Bali style under Pete's deck.

The Sydney branch stayed over at New Acton which was buzzing with good food and vibes this weekend (as ever) and the city was packed with visitors for the annual Multicultural Festival...a good weekend for Sydney visitors to see our city at its best.

J & J & A & E ate their fill at the festival outlets today but luckily left enough room for another superb Sunday roast dinner tonight and plenty of playtime with the girls at the sunset hour.

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