Sunday, November 9, 2014


Summer arrived this weekend - with two dry sunny 30oC days. Josh and Jody had a wedding to attend on Saturday so we had the girls for a sleepover.

We entertained them with plenty of time in the garden and an evening meal with all their favourite dishes (roast chicken and potatoes and pancakes and Maggie Beer burnt fig and caramel icecream for dessert).

Abi slept a lot better than on our previous sleepover and so did we as a consequence. They both woke in the sweetest of moods this morning (and not too early either) and had another feed of Rob's pancakes and fresh strawberries.

Back at their place this afternoon Ella was perfecting her handstands - she is just about there - another week or so and she'll be able to give Davey a run for his money.

And if there is a vertical surface anywhere she still can't resist climbing up it!

Abi's interests were more cerebral this weekend. She seems to have decided that I am quite useful for reading her books - on demand and that Rob is a useful card playing partner - with direction of course!

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