Monday, May 26, 2014

Ella is seven

This gorgeous girl turned seven this week.  We were lucky to be invited to her girls only "craft party" on Sunday morning.

Jody had all the activities beautifully planned: making pretty headbands, paper chains, stamping, collage making, painting and drawing.  Five little girls (+ Abi of course) - all beautifully behaved, focussed, happy, inventive - more like a mellow, relaxed, creative play date than the usual frenzy of a kid's birthday party.

It meant all the adults felt very relaxed too. I could concentrate on finishing off the cupcakes...

Josh could finish off his world famous "fairy pikelets" and macarons and Jody kept us gee-ed up with cups of coffee.

The pics below are my Abi (trying to) snort lollies series....... (she resisted though - under orders!)

The cupcakes had to be handcrafted too! The girls could choose 7 lollies to decorate their own cakes - and that activity seemed to go over rather well.

But I think that in all the excitement Abi probably ended up with more than her allotted seven...

A gorgeous way to celebrate a gorgeous girl's 7th birthday.

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