Sunday, May 11, 2014

Biggest mother

Autumn's really arrived now, and we had our first light frosts during the week. Abi discovered beanies..
 and refused to remove hers for at least the first 24 hours of their relationship.

Autumn brings Mother's Day too of course, and another excuse for a family gathering this afternoon.

Ella and the boys look forward to seeing each other but at the start of the gathering Ella looked somewhat doubtful about Angus taking over her rainbow band territory.

Although she did warm to the doubt impressed by Angus's serious interest and intent.

But she looked much happier to get her loom back.

Granny K was able to make the outing and seemed to really enjoyed herself. Ollie awarded her the "biggest mother" moniker, and well deserved too. She's just 10 weeks or so away from her 100th birthday and certainly the original and the oldest of all the mothers present at today's gathering.

The kids livened the party up a lot after the "craft" session was over. Jumping off this wall has been a favourite challenge for all three of them ever since they were toddlers.

While the big kids were jumping Abi was happy to boss Grandpa around - all it takes is one raised finger!

 Ollie made a raspberry cheesecake (a Nigella version) for the occasion.

It was absolutely delicious and a credit to his versatilty - but the onset of the dessert course did coincide with outbursts of heightened hilarity and extreme sports like stacks on, handstands, shrieks and giggles (and that was just the adults).  Time for the mothers (and fathers) to beat a retreat while all the kids were still in one piece and leave Maxie and Rod to mop up and recover order.

Happy Mother's Day to all our favourite mothers out there!

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kaylee kang said...

Happy late Mother's Day Judy! Thank you for sharing lovely photos :) looks like you had the best Mother's Day! Please tell everyone that I miss them all X