Friday, January 4, 2013

Lunch on the river

We've had a long standing invitation to join Ann and Tony (a work colleague) for lunch at their place in Chiswick. It was a big adventure for us getting there today...a bus to Circular Quay then the Rivercat ferry up the Parramatta River, past Balmain and Drummoyne to the Chiswick jetty where Tony was waiting for us.

Tony and Ann live right on the river - a spectacular setting, with just enough room below the swimming pool for a vegie patch for Tony.  I'd like to do my gardening in a spot like this!

They have their own jetty, and their own Sydney rock oysters growing on the pylons and on the black Sydney sandstone lining this part of the river. There are plenty of leather jacket fish to be caught off the jetty too. Although the river is not considered clean enough in this densely populated part of Sydney to consider eating them. 

Tony was explaining to us that the approval of that new set of steel stairs leading from the house to the jetty is causing a few headaches, despite its exorbitant cost.  Riverside living does bring its challenges apparently.

The views are spectacular here. In the pic below taken from the jetty we're looking past Ann & Tony's neighbours towards the next suburb (Abbotsford).  The new development is on the grounds of the old Nestle family mansion.

This pic below was taken at an unusually quiet time. The river is normally filled with pleasure boats and ferries making their way back and forth between the city and the riverside suburbs all the way to Rydalmere.

After our lovely lunch it was back to the Chiswick jetty to catch the Rivercat back to the city.

The bridge and the harbour looked breathtakingly beautiful today - under these clear blue sky conditions. It's always a thrill for me to see it like this.

...and back to Circular Quay.

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