Saturday, January 26, 2013

After the deluge

After a few weeks of high temperatures and no rain it was a great relief to see the rainclouds gathering yesterday.  However the rain when it came was more of a deluge than a soaking, accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder and high winds. We had over 40mls of rain during the storm; other parts of Canberra had over 60. There were over 400 calls for emergency services during and after the storm, for flooding problems, uprooted trees, power failures and missing tiles etc etc. Luckily we had very little damage at our house other than overflowing gutters causing a bit of minor flooding in our front entry (outside not inside) and back deck.

It had all mostly cleared by a bit after 8.00pm. We went outside and were amazed to see this sight, over the road, at the end of our front driveway!  Three, no doubt very hungry and thirsty kangaroos, grazing on the bit of bushland that Rob keeps rough mowed (the shoots must be juiciest there).

We've suspected that a small number of kangaroos have made their home in the bush over the road in the past year or so as we have such regular sightings of them hopping up the streets early in the morning. This sighting confirms it for me...grazing in such an open position..they must have been ecstatic to get a break from the dry hot conditions.

A lovely little celebration of Australia Day - far better for us than all the flag waving and belligerence that seems to go with the territory these days.

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