Sunday, January 13, 2013


This is another uneasy January. We've already had too many high 30o-40o days with hot windy conditions and  we're reminded of that black Canberra day a decade ago when 500 homes were destroyed or severely damaged by the firestorm, and four people died.  This year Tasmania has been really copping it, but there are fires burning all around the Eastern states and the smell of smoke greets us every time we go outside.

It's best to stay indoors this weather, after about 11.00am anyway. It's been a good opportunity to put some hours in OS trip planning on the Internet while we watch (with dismay) the hydrangeas in the back garden wilting and the top leaf layer of the Japanese maples frizzle up in the hot winds. I guess it's not much to complain about when other people are worried for their lives, their families, their homes and livelihoods, with the fires bearing down on them.

Ella is in a swimming program at Erindale Pool each morning. Her swimming is much improved this year and it won't be long before she can join her Daddy doing laps as she is already getting the breathing thing down pat.

January is the month to celebrate Rob and Joshy's birthdays. Rob had his turn today, a celebration made even happier because we were able to catch up on everyone's holiday adventures. I really enjoyed hearing Ollie's and Angus's travel tales from Singapore and Koh Samui.  They seem to have grown up so much in the few weeks since I've seen them. OS travel does that to you!

And Abi is getting cuter (and cheekier!) with every passing week.

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