Saturday, April 21, 2012

Melbourne day two

Melbourne dawned foggy and cool for us today but we had brunch to look forward to - with David and Vanessa. While they stayed vego we went for the best rare beef noodle soup (Pho) on Victoria St Richmond (at I heart Pho), which is really saying something in this little corner of Vietnam in Melbourne.

We said goodbye to this very special pair at Rose Street Fitzroy. Rob and I wanted to spend some time in one of our favourite areas of Melbourne today starting with the Saturday morning markets in Rose St.

A stroll down Rose St gave us some great street views of tumble down terraces, super modern architectural marvels and lots of purposeful (we think) grafitti art.

With a lot more walking westwards we found our way eventually to Lygon Street Carlton. Of course then it was impossible to resist trying the food at one of the enticing looking Italian eateries lining this famous Melbourne Street. We were at Tiamo Coffee, and I am so pleased I chose a lightly crumbed bocconcini salad with pears and proscuitto with my Peroni beer. Beautiful!

After lunch we headed south down Lygon Street, then left at Pelham St until we found the glossy, modernist Imax and Melbourne Museum buildings standing proudly opposite the grand old Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.

We found it very easy to spend an hour or two in this wonderful museum enjoying the Mind and Body and the Top Designs exhibitions showcasing student works produced for the Victorian Certificate of Education.

Walking back to the city we found the late afternoon light particularly suited this most mellow of Australian cities, with its affable and well mannered citizens. 

This is our lovely view outside our hotel room on the eighth floor across to Flinders Street Station, the Yarra River and Southbank beyond.

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