Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Life's a lot more relaxed during school holiday time. The girls all love a walk up the road, at any time of the day, to Biginelli's, a proper Italian cafe in the depths of Canberra suburbia.

This afternoon Ella orders us all a coffee (and gets it all correct!) and herself a choc mint gelati. The energetic young Italian barista knows Ella quite well, being the regular she is.

Abbie (now 8 weeks old) hasn't had an Italian experience directly yet but enjoys these visits to Biginelli's nevertheless. She's been smiling for a few weeks now and today I am very thrilled because she smiled (a lot) at me for the first time.

The park nearby rounds off the outing.

We continue to be amazed by Ella's fitness. In the pic below she was pulling her body weight up by her hands....she has great abs, great biceps. No match for Granny & Grandpa.

She's also a whiz on my iPad. This week she changed my screen saver to a photo of her choice (of herself) without anyone showing her how to do it.

She still loves putting on a "performance" for us: wild free form dance moves to an assorted playlist. Today for the first time I saw Abbie getting very excited watching her big sister dance..arms and legs kicking, eyes blinking, especially during the pirouettes! Ella has begged her Mummy & Daddy to let her share a bedroom with Abbie. They're on a week long trial.

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