Monday, March 26, 2012

Vive La France

We've spent most of our spare time in the past two weeks experiencing European culture. We've seen the wonderful exhibition of Renaissance paintings from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo (Italy) at the National Galley of Australia. And then there's the ongoing joy of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival, screening in Canberra this month. So far we've seen 6 films in 9 days and two more films to see this week. I could happily sign up to see all 35 films included in the festival if I could spare the time. Vive La France!

Meanwhile, we've been lucky enough to catch up with "the girls" too. They came for a visit Friday afternoon after a very successful preschool session for Ella (no tears farewelling Mummy and great excitement over the visit of her year three buddy from the primary school). Abi girl has been gaining weight very pleasingly while still sleeping well at night (though much more wakeful during the day now).

We enjoyed another visit from the girls this afternoon. Ella was jumping out of her skin with energy so it was a great excuse to get into the garden........

where Ella role played being a puppy fetching a frisbee(?) for ages, while engaging in some rumbles on the grass with Grandpa.

Abi is exactly 5 weeks old today, very alert and adorable and showing signs of the "milk rash" that all babies get around the 4-7 week mark. She's still her big sister's favourite!

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