Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vivid Sydney

We joined thousands of other people at Circular Quay on Saturday night to see what excitement Vivid Sydney, the winter festival of light music and ideas, was creating down on the waterfront.

A team of French lighting experts had prepared a light show on the sails of the Opera House that was decidedly geometric and Art Nouveau-ish I thought.

With the odd jelly fish and sea creature references thrown in.

Unlike the painterly visions created previously for Vivid Sydney by the likes of Brian Eno I didn't find the geometric approach quite as engaging, although I do appreciate the efforts made to keep me and thousands of other Sydneysiders amused during Winter.

There were dozens of children friendly light sculptures set up along the full length of the Quay - very playful and entrancing, making the mood very festive. We even saw a celebrity couple in the midst of all the festivities: Gary MacDonald and Diane Craig, walking in front of us along the promenade then turning into a Chinese Restaurant!!!! Gary MacDonald has a very nonchalant walk!

One of the other reasons we headed to Sydney was to check out the progress of the painters who are transforming our apartment block from the rather neglected state it was into this........... How stylish does our stairwell look now?

They have replaced our West facing windowsills and done such a thorough paint job on the exterior casement windows in our bedroom that we can't open them anymore! Oh dear!

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