Monday, June 13, 2011

Mary Poppins

We used the Queen's birthday holiday weekend to treat Ella to a matinee performance of "Mary Poppins" at the wonderful old Capitol Theatre in Campbell Street in Haymarket, Sydney. The treat was really ours, to share her excitement and joy at the familiar songs, the "awesome" staging and effects, the wonderful costumes and the great showmanship of the cast. We all rated it the perfect musical for small girls!!!

We managed to cram in some great eating experiences in our 24 hours in Sydney: a rushed Yum Cha lunch at crowded East Ocean in Sussex Street, some famous Dixon Street Street cream puffs after the show (we had a long wait in a queue to get these), an amazing early evening sushi feast at the Elizabeth Street end of Hay Street and then a Pho and noodle lunch (including our beloved sugar cane prawn rolls) at our favourite Cabramatta eating place Thanh Binh today.

It is amazing to be in the company of a small person who is so delighted with everything life offers. She amused us last night as we watched her selecting our sushi plates while giving us a running commentary about the relative tasty-ness of fish/shark eggs, seaweed salad and black vs toasted sesame seeds. And she made a great effort with this huge platter of combination crispy noodles at Thanh Binh today.

Thank you Ella for a wonderful Sydney stop-over.

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