Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our weekend

It was a big night out in Queanbeyan on Saturday night to watch Ella, Angus and Ollie perform in Bom-Funk Schowcase X111.

It was a BIG thing for Ella to wait (nervously) backstage (for ages) without her Mummy and Daddy for her class's performance to begin. But once on stage, in front of the big audience, she didn't stop smiling and kept on making all the right moves!

It helped that it was a family affair, with Claire her teacher (and choreographer) and Angus her favourite dance partner, especially when he busts his special MJ moves. Tonight's performance from the preschool funk class was "We Will Rock You".

Claire would have been very proud that at least three of the dancers have been caught in this photo all making the same move at exactly the same time.

Ollie had a starring role in the opening sequence of the preschool funk group's dance, before going on to perform beautifully in the Boyz Crew's very funky version of "Transform Ya Mix" later in the night.

This is my best pic of the night (very difficult conditions for getting well lit shots in focus). Angus is in the midst of one of his signature MJ moves (to the delight of the crowds) and Ella is dancing, smiling her heart out and looking like she is loving it.

Claire and Jody were the heroes of the night..Claire for getting these performances from such little people while developing their love of music and movement ...and Jody (and Josh) for getting Ella so calmly through her little person's nerves to perform with such confidence on stage.

We ended off this weekend of glorious Canberra winter weather (15 - 16oC max) that included some intensive gardening for Mum, and the usual Sunday morning gym session, (with freshly made fruit bagels after from the Woden Farmer's Market) with a wonderful long lunch with S and D and baby Yasmin.

S has the most wonderful palate and an exotic food background so lunch was amazing, with lots of original touches: interesting olive dips with fig vincotta, pomegranate & cos lettuce salads, Middle Eastern and Asian influenced dressings on fusion dishes that just worked!!

Baby Yasmin is just gorgeous but is at an age (just four months) where she keeps both her Mummy and Daddy very busy and awake lots at night. So it is doubly amazing that they still make the time to cook so beautifully and still invite their friends over for lunch (lucky us!).

D stayed up until midnight the night before making our gorgeous dessert. He said he was inspired by the Vincent Gardan (from Sydney's Patisse) masterclass in last week's Masterchef . The dish had so many components: candied citrus, chocolate ganache, poached pears in syrup, handmade pastry cases - delicious.

All done in between being attentive loving parents to gorgeous baby Yasmin! They are an inspiring couple.

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