Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Lombok

Our last full day in Lombok and Rob is finally well enough to enjoy Senggigi's charms. We spend the morning in and around the beautiful Puri Saron pool - without having to share it with anyone else so it's really easy to pretend we are the idle rich! That first morning with the two hundred shouting singing teachers is such a distant memory!

We arrange to meet Leigh and Jacob at the cute little Coco Beach Restaurant which is only an 8 minute walk along the beach from our hotel. We take the little pathway to the beach at the back of our hotel garden and are immediately entranced by the sight of our own stretch of beach

It was so windy today on the beach that we made our way through the little warungs under the palm trees facing the beach, for a time. I have decided that there isn't a palm tree on earth that I don't love!

..........and our own beach!

It was so easy to while away a few hours in the delicious company of Leigh and Jake, enjoying the delicious food and setting at Coco Beach, and our last chance to really catch up.

Then another swim in the afternoon before joining our young friend Gede and his wife Nyoman for dinner at the Lotus Restaurant in Senggigi village. Gede is very engaging company, full of quick wit, intelligence, stories, laughter and funny insights on life. He has had a lot of hardship in his life as well as some amazing opportunities for a young man from a poor Balinese village. We find him quite inspiring really. We could not communicate with Nyomen as easily because of our deficiencies in the language but she seems adorable and they obviously love each other to bits.

What is not to love about Lombok? I say to Rob (who has not always been its keenest advocate!)

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