Monday, July 26, 2010

I love being the official photographer at birthday parties. It means I don't have to volunteer to run the party games and I can get away with focusing completely on the adorable kids and what they get up to. Yesterday we celebrated Ollie's 6th birthday Aliens and Monsters party (a bit early on account of his Nanny & Pa heading over to the UK shortly) at the Duntroon Community Centre.

Ella chose a very cute interpretation of the alien theme by dressing up as the Loon character in the Huff stories.

In fact most of the girls went with variations on the cute or princess type alien theme.

This little heart breaker has apparently already captured Ollie's heart.

The pinata game went on for ages and was really enjoyed by all the kids. Ollie had made the pinata himself using Clag glue and tissue paper (and made it practically indestructible). By pure chance Ollie himself landed the final destructive blow, releasing heaps of treats for all the kids who'd banged away at it patiently for at least half an hour of valuable party time.

Ollie's young male friends are equally gorgeous.

...... although why is it always the girls who position themselves so strategically when it is time to cut the Smarties, SORRY, I mean the birthday cake.

Claire is the most popular girl in town, when it is time to distribute the icing and Smarties, SORRY, the birthday cake.

These are Ollie' best friends.

We shared some lovely, much quieter moments after the party when Ollie opened up his amazing array of presents, helped very sweetly by Ella.

He was lucky to be given some beautiful things reflecting his talents and very cultured interests although there was enough Toy Story merchandise to prove that this was a 6 year old's birthday party after all. We missed Angus and his Daddy at the party very much. Angus was using the time to recover at home from his very heavy cold.

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