Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sydney Zoe

Sydney Zoe's Mummy and Daddy played a crucial role in ensuring the Medibank offices had their new telephony system uploaded successfully last weekend. Zoe got to spend a weekend in Canberra keeping her Yia-Yia (grandma) entertained in and around the hotel and giving us the chance to have very special visit once all the Medibank business was finished. Unfortunately though it was a bit too late for her to have a play with her second cousin Ella.

Zoe was firing on all cylinders, eating up a storm and enjoying all the playthings we have around the house. I found her very difficult to photograph in the evening light without using my full strength flash. She moves like quicksilver.

I suspect Zoe is going to be a real character like her Daddy Spiros. I hope she torments him the same way he torments his (rather adorable) mother.

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