Saturday, May 29, 2010


We have much to celebrate. There is the wonderful double announcement from Davey and Cath in London (Trust them to wait for a romantic weekend in Paris to make it all official!), our Josh is getting back on his feet and is amazing everyone with his progress.....and it's time to celebrate Ella's third birthday with a wonderful party this morning at the Jerra Community Hall. While the rain poured and the ducks were happily puddling in the mud outside we were all warm and dry and thoroughly entertained by all the excitement of the party.

These are the among the best Mums I know, and the beautiful Elissa, who always know exactly what Ella likes.

Ella was a very sparkly birthday girl who really got into the party spirit. This is the first time she has ever agreed to be "face painted".

The jumping castle was a popular attraction with all the kids.

And even the big boys got into the skin decoration thing.

There were Twister, sack races and "stacks on" games with a parachute, that were all squealing good fun.

I was pleased to get these shots of Ella's beautiful cousins, Charlotte and Amelia.

Watching the the balloon sculptures being made was just entrancing for all the kids.

Even for the big kids at the party, Ollie and Lucinda.

We had to bring on the bling for Ella's cake. This was my best effort at representing her favourite Cinderella character in sugar and sponge cake. I must say it was a pretty hefty, dried out sponge by the time I'd cooked it for two hours in that weird shaped Dolly Vardon tin! The cupcakes were meant to be the edible component.

The cake fulfilled its function well and really impressed all the little girls (and Jeremy too for some weird reason). There was a small queue of girls who insisted that I cut them a piece of Cinderella's skirt after they'd eaten their cupcakes. I guess it was because the lavender icing was really thick.

This lovely party was a credit to Jody, who has done a wonderful job over the past 5 weeks keeping everything together for their family as Joshy has been recovering. It was so wonderful today seeing him able to walk around without his crutches!

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