Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sister visit

A visit from Ros is a great excuse to spend days doing what us girls like: lots of girl talk, laughter, attention paid to the littlies, good food, seeing our choice of movies (Robin Hood), coffee breaks and sweet treats for those of us inclined to indulge. From this photo you can see Angus is a little sick of the girl talk - while still managing to look very adorable.

While Ella just finds every moment spent with the girls utterly enjoyable.

For Ros it's a rare chance to wear scarves and some serious layers, especially last week when the temperatures started to turn quite wintry. Ros is looking fitter than ever having introduced some running into her already quite demanding morning exercise schedule. This morning she had excelled herself with a two hour run all over Queanbeyan (she was lost after heading out of Jerrabomberra). She had to be shown the way home eventually by some road workers she came across.

Ros always brings some stylish outfit for Ella that she's managed to track down (usually in Sawtell, on the Coffs Coast). We were all very excited to see Ella unwrap another Oobi creation. She couldn't cope with trying it on initially (she has a bit of a love hate relationship with wearing warm clothing at the moment) but we would have all worn it if we could.

She got there in the end; a very stylish jacket to celebrate her third birthday. Thank you Ros. We loved your visit and hope you come back again. Next time you can stay at our house where it is much harder to get lost on your morning runs.

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