Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cruising Kerala

It took less than 2 hours yesterday morning to drive south from Kochi to Alleppey in South India, to board our (Evergreen Tours) houseboat for an overnight cruise of the beautiful Kerala Backwaters. 

These houseboats used to carry rice and other produce around this extensive river/canal system. These days they make very picturesque little mobile hotels on water.
 Our crew were fantastic. They looked after us so well and produced BEAUTIFUL meals and snacks too.
 It was so relaxing and serene observing the ever changing life on the river. The boat is very quiet, so nothing disturbs the serenity .........

 Ferries were carrying people (and vehicles) back and forth across the river.

 So many coconut palms and endless bright green rice paddies.........
 This was our bedroom, with its own good sized ensuite - plenty of hot water for showers too!

 Late in the afternoon we disembarked for a walk around Champakulum, one of the many small villages lining the river. There are many very ostentatious Catholic churches here in Kerala, even in this tiny village.

 As the sun was setting the boat was moored for the night at a pretty spot where the crew could refuel and we could admire the scenery (and the beautiful orchid collection in the adjacent garden).

 Our evening meal was delicious too - typical Kerala dishes with all local ingredients (including beautiful Kerala rice).
We slept very well on the boat - very quiet and peaceful. We woke this morning to gentle rain and were underway again by 7.00am. It seemed like no time at all before we'd reached our final mooring point at 9.00am. We were sad to leave.

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Maxine said...

What a lovely boat cruise! And lovely food.