Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bingi dreaming

It's the Canberra Day long weekend here so that means our thoughts are turning to our annual lobster  lunch at beautiful Rosedale. We've arrived early this year so we can do the Bingi Dreaming Track walk with Judy and Jurgen, from Tuross Heads through to Congo (13.5km). 
The Bingi Dreaming Track follows the tracks made by the Brinja-Yuin people over the last twenty odd thousand years, to their campsites, fishing sites, fresh water, and sites for ceremony and trading. It's very ancient ground we're walking on today.

We started from the beach at Tuross.
 .....and were relieved to find that Coila Lake was not open to the ocean today - so we were able to start our walk without needing to swim through the lake first.

It was hard going in this section of the walk, the beach sand was very soft and the incoming tide meant there wasn't much space on the beach to stay dry. We kept retreating to the rough tracks through the dunes behind the beach.
 We walked for about 5km like this between Tuross and Bingie Bingie Point.

This is my only pic (below) where you can just see the outline of Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) faintly through the haze in the distance behind Tuross Heads....... The seas have been very rough along the coast all week and there is a lot of sea haze about.

After about 8km of walking we climbed the stairs to follow the track across Mullimburra Point, a wonderful vantage point for seeing the extent of our walk so far.
 ....where we rested a while and enjoyed the spectacular coast views.

Further on, Meringo is a great spot for whale watching....but it's not the season, so we didn't see any today. 

We walked for a while through forests of bangalay and blueberry ash, listening to the sound of waves crashing in the distance. We surprised a few small mobs of kangaroos and wallabies as we made our way through this part of the walk.
 ....and on the last stretch of the walk, heading towards Congo we saw the remains of this dear little creature washed up on the beach.
 ... and our last view of Mullimburra Point....... we climb the stairs back up to the Congo headland - and our waiting car.
The 13.5km walk took us four hours (with all the stops to admire the view). The first five kilometres of soft sand walking has made it a tiring walk for us and we're happy to be at the end of it, but it's been spectacular and exhilarating in parts and we're very pleased with ourselves for having done it!

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