Sunday, February 19, 2017

Abi is 5

Abi celebrated her 5th birthday today with four of her very good friends from school. It was a morning gathering, in the back garden, and a beautiful mild, sunny day. The friends were incredibly excited and started the present giving (and opening) a bit sooner than expected.
The bubble wand present almost brought the Internet down it was SO popular. EVERYONE wanted a turn and Abi thought it was a bit too new and special to share quite so quickly (understandable!!).

Anyway, peace was quickly restored and the sand pit proved to be very soothing place - especially when shared with best friend Miah....
The morning went quickly with sand pit time and monkey bar play, time in the cubby house and on the swings.. It was cake time before we knew it!

 It was quite a challenge to keep the candle lit today as it was quite breezy outside.

 It took the kids quite a long time to eat their icing (most of them left the cake)!
 Abi and Ella decorated the cupcakes (all GF too) this year. We had a bugs, butterflies and bees theme - and they knew exactly which cupcake was theirs!

 These will be fun to show Abi and Miah when they are twenty.

The mood was very mellow by the designated end of the party I think the kids would have stayed all day in the sandpit if it was up to them.

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