Friday, January 6, 2017

Saint - Germain

Someone in the C5 sales office took pictures in our apartment just before Christmas - to show us progress to date.

The pic below is taken from the living room looking back to the kitchen. It looks different to the "artists impressions" in the brochure but at least there are two extra windows on the back wall that we hadn't counted on.

The pic below shows the view from the living room and "winter garden". It looks very light and spacious which is great. it is very hard for us having no control or input into this phase and not even being able to see it until it is finished. I am sure we will be thrilled with some things and not so thrilled about others - it is hard at this stage to fully imagine just what it will be like. 

One disappointment has been realising that we will see more of the roof of the apartments on level G - 3 than we expected (we are on level 5). This was something we couldn't fully predict at the planning stage but I am sure we will get used to it in the context of the overwhelmingly fabulous north facing views we have towards the Australian War Memorial and Mt Ainslie!

They are still predicting a late March finish date but that would still make it an April - May move in date before all the formalities are completed.

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