Friday, January 6, 2017

Family pics

Rob's Mum asked me to get a "family picture" of the three generations of the P family for her collection. I dreaded doing this as this particular group of P family members can be a bit uncooperative about "posing for pics" at the best of times.

Surprisingly, Abi allowed me to do a lighting check for the pic, using her as the subject, early on Boxing Day - and I managed to get these beautiful shots of her in the process ........

But when it came time for the group shot no one had time to move to the desired position - nor did they have time for more than a 10 second long sitting (the young ones were keen to head off for their week long break in Coogee!).... and Abi did her usual photobomb trick of finding something to hide behind - but oh well, I did my best, and they are a beautiful bunch anyway aren't they? I hope Bobbie will be pleased with it despite the rush.

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