Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Creativity and other stuff

There's a lot of creativity happening in "the workroom" at Josh and Jody's house at any given moment: fabrics being dyed, textiles being printed, new and amazing costumes being invented and constructed. It's no wonder that Abi gets immersed in her own projects too with a supply of cardboard, pens, stickers and glue.

I was amazed watching her construct this "laptop computer" the other morning - and all her own work!
 She even worked out a way of getting a battery installed under the keyboard!
Next job was to get Grandpa to involve himself in her owl and elephant making project. She talked non stop about it as she worked!

 Very expressive owl and elephant creations!

The pics below aren't so much about creativity - but are beautiful pics anyway of O, E and A taken on the afternoon we celebrated their Great-Granny Kenyon's life at Maxie and Rod's.

And this last pic is of all of us at Mt Nanima on a perfect Saturday, late Spring evening as we celebrate eating some beautiful Indian food together (with a "pack a punch" Aperol Spritzer starter).

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